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I2AO - Introduction to Astronomy Online

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This online course has been developed by Lesa Moore, BSc, MPhil (aka Starrylady), life member of the ASNSW, Macquarie University astronomy graduate and specialist in public outreach. The target readership is beginners of any age.  Please direct any enquiries or send feedback to Lesa.

These online modules are under development. Those with links are available now. You may also browse the appendix of "Courses and Resources".

Part 1: Astronomy Basics (

Part 2: Time, Distance, Magnitude and Naming of Celestial Bodies (

Part 3: Galaxies and the Milky Way (

Part 4: The Celestial Sphere and Observing the Southern Sky (

Part 5: Observing Planets of the Solar System (

Part 6: Catalogues and Planning an Observing Session (

Part 7: Earth, Sun and Moon

Part 8: The Solar System

Part 9: Extrasolar Planets

Part 10: Optical Telescopes

Part 11: Stellar Evolution and Classification

Part 12: Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Part 13: Other Astronomies (Gravitational Waves and Neutrinos)

Part 14: Cosmology

Part 15: Optics

Part 16: Physics of Space Travel

Part 17: Relativity

Part 18: Astrobiology

Appendix: Courses and Resources (

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