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ASNSW's Solar Observing Section

Section Leader: Harry Roberts

Harry Roberts is the ASNSW's solar observing guru. He can be contacted here.

This sample sketch of Harry's, from 2012, shows early views of group AR11429, and was made with a C8 and a 4" Maksutov. Harry's description: "West is to the right. This is the most complex of magnetic classes: an island delta group. These emerge with regions of unlike magnetic polarity contained in a single penumbra - and those polarities are reversed. That is, they do not match the arrangement of normal spots in their hemisphere, which have violet preceding (on western side) - this one has red. This is a magnetic rarity."

Solar Observing

The Sun is perhaps the easiest astronomical object to study in the "burbs".  No need to travel far from city lights; and it changes daily, often in dramatic ways. The more you view, the more you see - and the more amazing it all becomes. In H-alpha, the weird behaviour of high temperature plasmas is seen - including solar flares.

Entry-level sunwatching is with a small white light scope equipped with a CERTIFIED SAFE solar filter, at very modest cost. A few dedicated sunwatchers in Sydney make (almost) daily observations. The world-wide web allows real time access to satellites and a few specialised observatories that augments our amateur views - permitting a greater understanding of solar physics than ever before. I post reports to for anyone interested. 

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