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How to Renew your Membership

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Miscellaneous Payments

Renewals fall due on 1st January each year. To renew your membership, you first need to be logged in to this site. If you don't know how to log in, click here for help. Then select "Renew Membership" from the "User menu" at left, below the big picture. You will make your category selections - the page will total amounts for you. You may pay immediately by PayPal (preferred) or elect to "Pay Later" (click link to see detailed instructions below) or wording on the site may say "Pay Offline". Complete help notes for the renewal process are provided below and describe some frequently encountered issues:

How to check if you've already renewed
How to renew and pay online
Why is it asking me for a donation?
How to know if the payment went through
How to renew online and pay later (EFT or chq)


Your current paid-to date will be displayed near the top of the screen when you go to the "Renew membership" page. If your paid-to date is 31st December in the current year, you are paid up for the current year. PLEASE CHECK! The system does not prevent you from paying additional renewals - it simply keeps advancing your paid-to date to following years.


First, make sure you have successfully LOGGED IN.

For PayPal payments, please note:

  • Having a PayPal account allows you to pay using a credit card or direct debit from any nominated bank account.
  • You can pay with credit card in the PayPal tool without having a PayPal account.
  • There are five steps to making your payment using PayPal:
1. Go to the "Renew membership" page, which is visible on the home page to the left, under the big picture, after you have logged in. Make your selections, scroll to the bottom and click on the "Check out with PayPal" logo as shown at right. Check out with PayPal
2. Either log in to your PayPal account or select the button at the bottom that says "Pay with a Card" - see screenshot at right.
3. When you have submitted your payment info to PayPal, scroll to the bottom of the PayPal page and click where it says "Continue" as shown at right. This returns you to the ASNSW website where you need to complete your "Contribution" (i.e. payment). Confirm with PayPal
4. On the ASNSW page you will see details of what you are paying for. The screen should look something like the image at right. Please check it carefully - there is an opportunity to "Go Back" and change your selections if you have made a mistake. YOU MUST THEN CLICK "Make Contribution" to complete the transaction. This just means "Make the payment". It is not asking you for a donation. This is when the payment actually gets charged to your PayPal account and our database updates your membership status.  Make contribution with ASNSW



5. Finally, check that you receive a "Thank You" page on the website with a transaction number under the date, as shown at right. You should also receive a confirmation email. A copy of the email also goes to the treasurer to advise of your payment.

Contribution confirmation

Once you have completed your payment, please go back to "Renew Membership" and check that the paid-to date has been updated. 

WHY IS IT ASKING ME FOR A DONATION? - It isn't. The "Make contribution" button is asking you to make your PAYMENT. Refer step 4 above.

HOW TO PAY LATER - The "Pay Later" (or Pay offline) option:

  • Renew Online Anyway: If you prefer not to make an online payment, you can still put your "renewal" through on our database and choose the "Pay Later" or "Pay offline" option. However, you must still scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Confirm Contribution" to complete the renewal transaction on the website even though you are not making a payment. This ensures that the treasurer knows that you have indicated that the payment should be on its way.
  • Confirmation: Both you and the treasurer should receive a confirmation Invoice with details of how to pay using bank transfer.
  • Paying by Cheque: You may also pay offline by posting a cheque or money order, but there may be a delay of up to 60 days in processing. Cheques should be made payable to "Astronomical Society of NSW". Please write this out in full, as using abbreviations (e.g. ASNSW) may result in the bank rejecting the cheque deposit.
  • Paying by EFT from your online banking: Direct transfer by online banking is preferred. The ASNSW bank account details should display in your confirmation email, but are also shown on the Miscellaneous Payments page.

If you choose to "Pay Later", your paid-to date must be updated by the treasurer manually once your payment is received/verified. If the treasurer forgets to do this (yes, she is only human), you may receive further renewal reminders. Please respond immediately to advise the treasurer of when and how your payment was made. 

If you notice any problem with making your renewal payment, please report it immediately to or the Treasurer.


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