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Wiruna Safety - Site Induction - Policies

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Safety and Site Induction

Wiruna Usage Policies (prohibitions and other usage policies for Wiruna and the star party)

ASNSW Drones Policy

Wiruna Guests Policy and Guest Numbers Limit

Wiruna Sites Policy 2020 (for "Permanent" Site Holders)

Wiruna Incinerator Procedure

Safety: Please note that the site is remote and it takes some 45 minutes for an ambulance to get there. If you are attending the site for any purpose, and you have some known medical condition(s), please find a "buddy" on-site and make sure they know about your condition and how to administer assistance in the case of an emergency. It is in your best interest to leave an emergency contact number (i.e. the number of someone off-site) with your buddy or the Vice-President Wiruna (who is normally in attendance) in case someone needs to contact others on your behalf.

Site Induction: First-time visitors to the site, on a regular new-Moon weekend, will receive a safety briefing (delivered by a committee member or experienced society member) covering:

1. The location of safety information in the Meeting Hall, including:

  • Flip-Chart (site hazards, fire procedures, emergency contacts, emergency evacuation procedure, basic site map);
  • Detailed site maps;
  • Regional topographic maps;
  • Loud hailer and procedure to sound alarm over the PA;
  • First aid kit, "First Aid Kit - Outdoor and Snake Bite", and minor injuries kit.

2. The four locations of fire extinguishers on the site.
3. Information about the unfenced dam, snakes and spiders and seasonal site hazards (detailed in the Flip-Chart).
4. The location of the Emergency Assembly Point and the means of alerting people on site to any emergency with a siren.
5. The anticipated procedure if an evacuation ever becomes necessary (refer Flip-Chart).

All visitors to the Annual South Pacific Star Party will receive a Safety Information document at Check-In and will be prompted at Check-In to read and understand the document.

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Wiruna Usage Policies: Attendees at Wiruna agree to abide by these prohibitions, policies and recommendations:

Prohibited at Wiruna all the time, including at the Star Party

  1. Pets and Animals: Not permitted at Wiruna under any circumstances.
  2. Loud music and Noise: Use headphones if you wish to listen while observing. Others do not wish to hear it. Keep general noise to a minimum in all areas at night and until midday the next day. People may be sleeping.
  3. Rockets, flares, fireworks and any other incendiary devices: The fire danger at Wiruna is very real at all times of year. It is also important that uncontrolled devices do not stray onto neighbouring property. 
Also Prohibited at the Star Party
  1. Drones, model aeroplanes or any other device that may drift over people or neighbouring property. Refer also to the ASNSW Drones Policy.
  2. Smoking of cigars and pipes on the Main Observing Field. 
Additional Policies and Recommendations
  • The Wiruna Light Use Policy is detailed here.
  • Consumption of Alcohol: Members and visitors should ensure that consumption of alcohol does not reach such excess as to affect others on site or cause damage to any equipment.
  • Storage: The ASNSW storage shed is ONLY to be used with permission from VP Wiruna. Any goods left there should be clearly labelled with your name and contact phone number. The shed is NOT there for everyone's convenience to leave random old stuff in there indefinitely. Unidentifiable property may be disposed of without notice. 
  • Installations: EVERY installation depends on pre-approval by VP Wiruna, and sometimes committee. Do not pour concrete, peg down a mat, put up a pier or install any type of fixture anywhere on the property without prior consent. 
ASNSW Drones Policy: A specific policy regarding limits to the use of drones at Wiruna was adopted in 2017. Drones are permitted at regular monthly weekends, but are banned at the star party. Refer to ASNSW's Drones Policy here.
Wiruna Guests Policy and Guest Numbers Limit
  1. Fees for Wiruna visitors are charged in three categories: Members, Guests and Other Visitors.
  2. "Guests" include GUESTS OF MEMBERS and MEMBERS OF OTHER ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETIES (who may book by arrangement).
  3. GUEST NUMBERS LIMIT: A Member may bring up to a maximum of six (6) Guests and must be in attendance and responsible for those Guests during their visit.
  4. "Other Visitors", not affiliated with the ASNSW or other societies, may camp but are not permitted to use Barry Gerdes Lodge or the Bunk House facilities. The ASNSW welcomes bona fide visiting astronomers.
  5. Fees should be paid on site in cash. Please ensure you have sufficient funds to pay your fees before leaving the site. The fee schedule is here.
  • Any proposed exception to item 3 (Guest Numbers Limit) must be referred to the Committee.
  • Fees may be paid through the Miscellaneous Payments page by arrangement with the Vice-President, Wiruna. 

Wiruna Sites Policy 2020

The most recent update to this policy was made in July 2020. Members with permanent sites should review the policy annually and ensure that they comply with all requirements stated therein. The policy covers matters including attendance, safety, fees, prohibitions (white light, pets, deriving income) and limits of responsibility. Download the policy HERE

Wiruna Incinerator Procedure

An incinerator is to be used only in open space with no overhanging branches and at least three metres radius all around that has been raked clear of sticks, leaves and other combustibles. The incinerator is NOT TO BE EMPTIED. The only person authorised to empty an incinerator is the Vice-President Wiruna (or delegate) and, then, only when the incinerator is cold.

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This page last updated 7 June 2020

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