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UNIVERSE is a monthly magazine produced by the Astronomical Society of New South Wales Inc and is renowned world-wide as being one of the highest quality publications produced by an Astronomical Society.

Logged-in financial members may access Current and Back Issues from December 2002 onwards, as well as the very first issue (see link below). Selected articles have also been posted to the website. If you would like to contribute an article to UNIVERSE, please feel free to consult the style guide below (guidelines on formats etc.) and please send your articles to us via Email. Word, text, RTF files gratefully accepted. Images may be in any of the usual formats but may be downsized for publication.

Universe - Current and Back Issues

Logged-in Members Only
may access this site.
April 2021 edition available now!

The first-ever issue of Universe, June 1964 (logged-in members only) with Introduction by Andrew James

Click here to enter the site. To download any issue, click on the PDF file link that appears in the right-hand column. Clicking on the cover image takes you to a web page for that issue that allows you to leave your comments.

To quickly access specific back-issues, use the drop-down menu to select year and month. This will display the selected issue at the top and earlier issues below, e.g. to see all of 2008, choose Dec 2008. For earlier issues not visible on the drop-down menu, jump through the page links at the bottom of the page.


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