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ASNSW's Telescope Making Section

Section Leader: Don Whiteman

The ASNSW is blessed with many talented Members who have telescope-making experience within its ranks. The ATM Section has people who are working day-to-day in the telescope industry. They will be pleased to assist any Member who is contemplating the task of building their own telescope.

The ASNSW Library also has quite a few books dealing with making, testing and repairing astronomical telescopes.

The section is headed by Don Whiteman who is a well-known and highly trained telescope technician. Don has built numerous scopes himself and has serviced literally hundreds of scopes for others.

If you would like to take on building your own scope you can contact Don and he will be happy to help with planning. Expect to be sent or given some files and programs to help design and plan your astronomical masterpiece. There are many other Members who will be pleased to lend a guiding hand!

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