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Meeting Dates of the ASNSW's Astroimaging Section - All meetings are held on Wednesday nights, usually around the time of Full Moon.

All Welcome!

11 Mar 2020
02 Sep 2020
30 Sep 2020
28 Oct 2020
25 Nov 2020


Chair: Geoff Smith
Venue: Epping Creative Centre - 26 Stanley Road, Epping
Time: 7.30pm
LEGACY FILES AND LINKS from previous years:
  Wednesday 1 August 2012 - Total Solar Eclipse Astroimaging Workshop

Wednesday 31 October 2012 - SII Observations and what they can tell us.ppt

(Powerpoint file, 1.2 Mb with annotations below the slides. Clicking on the link opens the file as a presentation in your browser, which may not be the best way to view it. Right-click and select "Save Target As" to be able to open the saved file and have access to the annotations.)

Beginning Astrophotography - Talks on Deep Sky Imaging - This series ran in 2018
The series was mainly about deep sky astrophotography, a rather vague term which encompasses all objects outside the solar system. There are many ways of approaching deep sky astrophotography — the simplest and cheapest way is to use a DSLR camera in multiple configurations.  Some possibilities are single pictures with a still camera, multiple pictures with a still camera, tracked pictures through the camera attached to a telescope and time lapse pictures.  Many users are content to stop there but, for those who wish to go further, the possibilities are endless and limited only by your budget.
Wednesday 19 June 2019: Kym Haines's presentation on Matching Camera To Telescope


Venue: Epping Creative Centre - 26 Stanley Road, Epping
Time: 7:30pm

All Committee Meetings are held on Wednesday nights. Dates for forthcoming meetings are:

18 Mar 2020
15 Apr 2020
13 May 2020
17 Jun 2020
15 Jul 2020
19 Aug 2020
16 Sep 2020
21 Oct 2020
18 Nov 2020


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