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Article Series: "Sky Sketcher's Post Mortem"

This is a series of articles compiled by our late Observations Officer, Scott Mellish, discussing his past observing sessions and the sketches he has made whilst at the eyepiece of his 18" telescope.

The articles are all re-printed from the ASNSW's monthly Journal UNIVERSE, and can be found in the issue listed beside each title below.

The Galaxies in Praesepe August 1994
A Couple of Spirals in Leo December 1994
M-10 and M-12 Twins in Ophiuchus October 1996
July '96 New Moon at Wiruna December 1996
3 Objects in Fornax January 1997
Horolgium and Reticulum March 1997
February '97 New Moon at Wiruna May 1997
April '97 New Moon At Wiruna June 1997
Centaurus Galaxies October 1997
Centaurus - Hydra November 1997
Pegasus - Triangulum February 1998
Starbecue Post Mortem April 1998
January '98 New Moon at Wiruna May 1998
April / May New Moon at Wiruna July 1998
June New Moon at Wiruna September 1998
The Tarantula Nebula October 1998
A Sky Somewhere! December 1998 / January 1999
November '98 New Moon at Wiruna... February 1999
November '98 New Moon at Wiruna... continued April 1999
Scumbags in The Warrumbungles June 1999
Patchy Weather at Wiruna... October 1999
July / August Wiruna Weekend December 1999 / January 2000
February New Moon at Wiruna April 2000
Fumbling Through Fornax February 2001
Star Party Post Mortem July 2001

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