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ASNSW Service Officers

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In 2014, the committee structure of the ASNSW was changed so that the positions of Education Officer, Librarian, Technical Officer, Editor and Observations Officer became service roles rather than committee office-bearer positions. Other service positions listed below remain unchanged.
Whilst it is possible for a Service Officer to also stand for and be elected as a committee member, it is not a requirement.
Members are appointed to service positions by the committee when those positions become vacant.

Education Officer: Karen Whittingham
The Education Officer's role is to foster learning in astronomy through correspondence and public outreach.
Librarian and Archivist: Michelle Elliott
The Librarian is responsible for the custody of the Society's book collection, including recording loans and returns of books, as well as recommending new book purchases. The archivist stores the society's written records, including issues of "Universe", various reports and minutes. 
Technical Officer: Arthur Panos
The Technical Officer is responsible for obtaining speakers for all ordinary meetings. In liaison with the President, the Technical Officer may also act as chair at ordinary meetings.
Editor: Lesa Moore
The Editor prepares 'Universe' magazine for publication each month. This involves a substantial and regular time commitment. Computer, typing, English and editorial skills are essential and, of course, an ability to adhere to deadlines. As well as preparing the layout of the magazine, the Editor sends copy and mailing lists to the printer, uploads the issues to the website and bulk-emails those members who take the journal electronically ('download' and 'email' subscribers). The editor also composes the editorial in 'Universe'.
Observations Officer: Geoff Smith
The Observations Officer is expected to write regular articles for Universe magazine on matters of interest to observers, including current astronomical phenomena. The role includes presenting at least one lecture per year to the Society. The Observations Officer may also assist the Technical Officer in obtaining speakers for all meetings.
Public Officer: Donna Burton
The Public Officer is the society's official representative for the purporses of dealing with Fair Trading: particularly, annual reporting on the financial postion of the society and notifying Fair Trading of any constitutional changes as they occur.
Membership Officer: Lesa Moore
The Membership Officer ensures that the membership records are accurate and up to date and supplies membership anniversary information for publication in 'Universe'.
Merchandise Officer: Rita Holland
The Merchandise Officer organises the storage of the society's saleable merchandise (mostly clothing) and distributes merchandise when ordered. The Merchandise Officer also usually handles the sorting and distribution of the t-shirts at the annual South Pacific Star Party.
International Liaisons: Tony Buckley
The International Liaisons officer communicates with visitors and members from overseas when they are planning a visit to Australia.
Website: Webteam
The members of the Webteam together maintain the website and all its functionality, including the visible website, the membership database and the events pages where payment processing is required.
SPSP Sub-Committee: SPSP Sub-committee
This sub-committee specifically manages the organisation of the South Pacific Star Party. Usually, some committee members and office-bearers serve on this committee, as well as other involved members.
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