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Postal Address

The Astronomical Society of New South Wales Inc.
PO Box 870

Crago Observatory

Lieutenant Bowen Drive,
Bowen Mountain NSW 2753
33° 33' 50" S | 150° 37' 15" E
Altitude: 469m (directions and map)


Usage: The facilities at Wiruna are for use by members, guests of members and bona fide amateur astronomer visitors. Wiruna is NOT a public camping ground. If you are not affiliated with the ASNSW and wish to visit, please email VP_Wiruna for further information.

Site Details: Members only may access site details here.

Safety: Please note that the site is remote and it takes some 45 minutes for an ambulance to get there. If you are attending the site for any purpose, and you have some known medical condition(s), please find a "buddy" on-site and make sure they know about your condition and how to administer assistance in the case of an emergency. It is in your best interest to leave an emergency contact number (i.e. the number of someone off-site) with your buddy in case someone needs to contact others on your behalf.

Wiruna Phone: Temporarily out of service
This mobile phone will be on-site but it is only turned on during new-Moon weekends and when members are in attendance. It is intended for incoming calls only, but serves as a back-up in case of emergency. Please do not use this phone when you are at Wiruna. However, if someone needs to contact you, they may call in from off-site and speak to whoever answers (or leave a message) and the message should make it through to you in reasonable time.


Epping Creative Centre
26 Stanley Road



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