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Members' Traditional Film Photo Galleries

The Astronomical Society of New South Wales actively encourages members to become involved in "Astrophotography" and "Astroimaging", which is the art of photographing the Night Sky and its many treasures. Many ASNSW members are now actively involved in this rewarding aspect of amateur astronomy, and their results have been truly amazing.

Before the days of digital and CCD cameras, images were made on plastic film (ask your grandma). A list of some of the ASNSW members' traditional film astrophotos is available below. Clicking on the astrophotographer's name will display their personal photo gallery.

Tony Buckley 

 John Sims

 Jeff Stanger

Joe Cauchi 

 Geoff Smith

Chris Ross 

 Gerard Keyser

Lachlan MacDonald

Alan Thomas 

Monte Wilson

Mick Laws

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