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ASNSW Activity Sections and Leaders

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The Astronomical Society of New South wales has a number of highly experienced Leaders, dedicated to providing advice and information to members interested in specific aspects of Astronomy. The ASNSW membership has a very wide diversity of interests and astronomical ability. Our best amateurs are placed as the Society's Section Leaders, nominated because of their experience, knowledge or willingness to contribute.

Our Section Leaders each have considerable experience in their astronomical fields of expertise, and are able to answer gereral enquiries for Members and the Public. They can also guide both new or experienced Members towards achieving your individual observing goals or to answer your general enquires.

Astroimaging: Trevor Gerdes Deep Sky Observing: Andrew James
Variable Star Observing: Adrian Saw Planetary Nebulae: Andrew James
Telescope Making: Don Whiteman Double Star Observing: Richard Jaworski
Armchair Astrophysics: Surjit Wadhwa Solar Observing: Harry Roberts
Occultation Timing: Chris Douglass Radio Astronomy: Roger Heap

Notes about the historic acquisition and commissioning of the Fleurs radio telescope dish that is now located at Wiruna:

The Wiruna Radio Telescope Project by Steve Mencinsky

Radio telescope Part 1 by Steve Mencinsky

Radio telescope Part 2 by Steve Mencinsky

Radio telescope Part 3 by Steve Mencinsky

First light for the radio telescope by Lorraine Mencinsky


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