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Wiruna - The ASNSW's Premier Dark Sky Site

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This is a public page. Some Wiruna information is only available for logged-in members.

The facilities at Wiruna, our premier dark sky site, are for use by ASNSW members and their guests. We also welcome members of other astronomical societies who may visit by arrangement (email VP_Wiruna to make enquiries).  Wiruna appears on the ASA list of Designated Observatories ( as entry DO3-50: Wiruna Observatory - Astronomical Society of NSW (Ilford NSW). The designation was granted on 13 July 2019 by letter.  

Please check the important safety information and be aware of our various policies and prohibitions. Details here: Wiruna Maps - Safety - Policies

The following links provide further information for members (you must be logged in to be able to access these pages).

Overview of Wiruna | Observing, Fees & Sites Policy | Wiruna Light Use Policy | Facilities | Wollemi National Park | Wiruna Bird List

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