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Enquiries, Feedback, Suggestions

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Please send us your enquiry or feedback on any topic - the website, meetings, star party, general astronomical question, whatever! Make suggestions for how to better utilise the ASNSW facilities or ways to improve how we operate. There are a number of options available in the drop-down box. You do not have to be a member to submit feedback or a suggestion. However, if you want a response, you MUST include your email address.

We welcome all comments and hope to implement constructive suggestions to constantly improve the ASNSW and its ability to cater for members' needs and preferences.

If none of these topics matches your enquiry / feedback, please select "General Enquiry about the ASNSW"
You may submit the form without an email address. However, if you want a response, you must include it.
Please keep your comments as brief as possible, but include enough detail so that we can follow up your enquiry / feedback / suggestion effectively (e.g. include the URL if it is a comment about one of the web pages).
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