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Manage Mailing Lists

ASNSW maintains several mailing lists. The "Members" mailings are generated direct from the database. The special lists, which members can subscribe to, are maintained manually in a separate system.

  1. Members - Current and new members are automatically subscribed to this list (via the database) to receive general announcements.
  2. Astroimaging mailing list - for anyone keen on astroimaging. This list is also open to non-members of the ASNSW. Anyone on the list may send email to this mailing list.
  3. International Astronomical Union Circulars - The IAU sends out circulars of interesting astronomical events, such as supernovae and comets. Members may share in this service at no additional cost.
  4. Outreach mailing list* - for members who are interested in "outreach" activities such as school nights, open nights, sidewalk astronomy and so on.
  5. Dinner - This list is for people who may, from time to time, join the Secretary, Technical Officer and the guest speaker for dinner before the speaker's presentation at our Friday meeting. 

To subscribe or unsubscribe to one of the special lists, please send an email to stating which list you wish to subscribe to or unsubscribe from. If unsubscribing, please also include in the body of the email the actual email address that is to be removed from the mailing list. 

If you change your email address and are subscribed to any of the special lists, please email and clearly provide your OLD email address (to be removed) and your NEW email address (to be added) so that the list(s) can be updated. 

* All outreach volunteers are encouraged to get a Working With Children Check (WWCC) - increasingly, organizations and schools require it. It is free for volunteers, but it does take time to come through. Fill in your details at this link: and take it from there. 

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