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ASNSW Observing Facilities

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The Astronomical Society of New South Wales has two very well equipped observing sites. They both appear on the ASA list of Designated Observatories. These facilities are available for use by all members, and regular observing sessions are scheduled each month for those members wishing to use these facilities. We have a range of telescopes available for use by members of the ASNSW.

The Astronomical Society of New South Wales has two main observing sites at which we hold regular observing sessions for our members and visitors alike.

Crago Observatory

Sky Panorama with Crago Observatory

Crago Observatory is an observatory with a high class 16” ƒ/7 Dobsonian Telescope, enclosed in a large rotating dome. The Observatory is located on Bowen Mountain, in the Blue Mountains National Park, near North Richmond, about an hour's drive west of Sydney. The above image, courtesy Peter Stuart, is a sky panorama showing Crago Observatory at the right of the image. 

Wiruna - The ASNSW's Premier Dark Sky Site

Main Observing Field, SPSP2019

Wiruna (Aboriginal for "Sunset") is a 43 hectare (107 acre) dark sky observing site which has The Dob Kennel housing a 17½” ƒ/4.5 Dobsonian  which is available for use by accredited members. The above panorama shot of telescopes on the Main Observing Field at Wiruna was taken by Peter Stuart at the 2019 South Pacific Star Party (4th May 2019).

Wiruna Star Party

Above is a daytime image from the 2019 South Pacific Star Party - photo courtesy Sunny Choi. 

Accreditation For Use of the Society's Facilities

A system of accreditation has been implemented for the use of some facilities outside of normal scheduled observing sessions. Eligible members may apply for accreditation to use these facilities at times other than normal scheduled observing sessions. Members wishing to gain accreditation for the use of any of these facilities are invited to Email Us for further details and to book a time and date for an accreditation session. There is a separate accreditation process involved for the Wiruna Property, each of the large telescopes at Wiruna (the 17½" and the 25"), and the 16" telescope and dome at Crago Observatory.


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