How to Renew

Log In and take the Link

Renewals fall due on 1st January each year. To renew your membership, you first need to be logged in to this site, using one of the "Log In" icons. From the "Membership" menu, select "My Membership". You will see your current membership level and expiry date. When it is time to renew, you will also see a "Renew now" option under the "Actions" heading.

Choose your Combo

When you renew as a Full member or Life member, you will be able to select various options from a drop-down menu that allow you to pay for Wiruna sites and related members, all in one go, with your renewal.

Add extra Products

When you proceed to the next step, all renewing members will have the opportunity to purchase a yearbook, select posted UNIVERSE (costs extra) or make a donation to the ASNSW (the donation option is set up in $10 increments - any donation is completely optional but always greatly appreciated).

Make your Payment

Online payments are processed using your credit card in the payment processor - the payment processor does not leave the ASNSW website.

If you prefer not to pay online, select the offline payment option to pay by direct transfer to the ASNSW bank account within 7 days.