Tony Buckley's Photo Gallery

Gosses Bluff
Located about 180km west of Alice Springs (NT), this 5km rim is all that remains of what was once a 20km wide crater formed approximately 140 million years ago by an object believed to be at least 600m in diameter. Originally 2 km higher than it is now, all that remains is the bottom of the bowl, standing only 70 metres high.

Henbury Meteor Craters
Approximately 180km South-West of Alice Springs, lies the remains of the Henbury Meteorite Craters. Formed by the impact of a swarm of meteors about 4700 years ago, the three largest craters are an impressive sight. The 2 largest craters overlap forming a crater about 120 x 160m and about 15 metres deep. The adjacent "Water Crater" is about 100 metres in diameter, and is of a similar depth. Thousands of Nickel-Iron fragments have been found in the area.