Doug McEachern's Photo Gallery

Object: NGC 3532 - "An open cluster in the constellation of Carina. It is rich with stars of varying colour and has been my favorite eyepiece object for well over 40 years"
Exposure: 18 x 200 secs
Processing: A stack of 18 x 200sec, calibrated, aligned / median combined in MaxDSLR, finicheg in Photoshop.
Equipment: Unmodified Canon350D through an ED80 f/7.5 and EQ6 mount autoguided with a webcam.
Location / Date: Rosemeadow NSW - 21 April, 2007

Object: TV Libra (Animation) - "TV Libra is an RRLyra-type variable star having a period of about 6 hours 28 minutes. It has a magnitude variation from 11.23 to 12.51 as can be seen in this animation"
Exposure: Each subframe was 180 sec duration. There are 5 groups of 3 subframes spaces at 60 minute intervals, or effectively 5 x 9 min spaced 60 mins apart.
Processing: Each subframe was calibrated, G2V colour converted/balanced, then each group of 3 images were aligned/combined using a median combine routine. Backgrounds were matched in Photoshop, varying gradient issues were balanced out using a Pixel Math operation. When all 5 backgrounds and a reasonable sample of stellar intensities were balanced, an animation of 8 frames was created in Photoshop. The sequence used was image #s 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2 - This allowed a more even cyclic effect than had only the 5 images been used; that would have resulted in a 'saw tooth' effect.
Equipment: ED80 f/7.5 mounted on an EQ6 and autoguided using an off axis guider and webcam. Imaging used a Canon 350D (unmodified) controlled by MaxDSLR.
Location: Rosemeadow NSW, under moderate to heavy light polution.
Date: 19 May 2007.

Object: NGC 4755 (The Jewel Box)
Exposure: Image acquired by remote access to Southern Astro
Processing: Images calibrated on site using MaxIm DL4 - post-processing done using CCDSOFT v5 and Photoshop
Equipment: Data acquired using an RCOS 12.5" on a Paramount ME with SBIG ST-2000xm CCD with Astrodon filters.