Geoff Smith's Photo Gallery

Object: Transit of Venus
Exposure: 1/120 sec exposure using ISO 200 Fujichrome
Processing: N/A
Equipment: Pentax KX Camera with 500mm Tamron long lens at f/8 (with solar filter)
Location / Date: Crago Observatory, 8 December, 2004

Object: Sagittarius Star Cloud
Exposure: Mosaic of two 15 min exposures
Processing: Processed in Photoshop
Equipment: Pentax KX with 55 mm Lens at f2.8, piggybacked on 4 inch newt, driven and manually guided
Location: Wiruna, NSW

Object: The Moon
Exposure: I have lost the exposure details, but it was probably 1/30 or 1/60 of a second
Processing: Some sharpening has been done in Photoshop
Equipment: Pentax KX on a 12" Dob (undriven) by afocal projection
Location / Date: Wiruna, September, 2004

Object: Crux, The Pointers, Omega Centauri and Centaurus A
Exposure: 20 min exposure on ISO 200 Elite chrome
Equipment: Taken piggy back with an SMC f/2.8 55mm Pentax lens
Location / Date: 11 March, 2005