What we do

The Astronomical Society of NSW was formed back in 1954, initially based at Belfield and with an emphasis on observational astronomy.

Today, the society runs observatories at Bowen Mountain (Crago Observatory) and near Ilford in the Central Tablelands (Wiruna).

Crago Observatory enjoys very good seeing and quite dark skies while being relatively close to Sydney. It has a superb 22" telescope in a dome and is quite convenient for many members in Greater Sydney to visit for an evening's observing, being 15 minutes drive from North Richmond. Bowen Mountain is normally open on the Saturday closest to third-quarter-Moon.

The skies at Wiruna are very dark, indeed, and facilities on site include 17.5" and 25" telescopes for use by members, plus camping facilities are available.  Wiruna is the site of the South Pacific Star Party, first held in 1993, and observing sessions are held there every new-Moon weekend.

The ASNSW Journal, UNIVERSE, is published monthly for eleven months of the year, February to December. Back issues are available to members on the website. 

Regular meetings are held at Epping, or via ZOOM during COVID restrictions, featuring guest speakers reporting on cutting-edge astronomical research or members talking about their projects or astronomical interests.

The Astroimaging Group is particularly active and holds monthly meetings, currently via ZOOM. 

The meetings and observing sessions at our observatories provide great opportunities to meet up with like-minded astronomers and get to know each other.